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The Place of Spiritual Wisdom


Informational Pathways, LLC reserves the right to change these Guidelines if and when deemed necessary.

SELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS AND VENDORS: Our goal is to bring together metaphysical and healing-arts professionals who share a common spirit and enthusiasm for helping others in light and harmony. We reserve the right to limit the number of similar services/products. 

PARTICIPANT COST: 6' Tables with 2 chairs: $65; PREMIUM 6’ tables with 2 chairs: $90; 8' X 8' space, no table, with 2 chairs: $75; PREMIUM 8' X 8' space, no table, with 2 chairs:$100. 

As there are a limited number of tables and spaces available, first paid is first reserved. Spaces will be reserved only upon payment of the space fee.

There is an Early Bird Discount, with the cost of each space lowered by $10 if full payment is received on or before Saturday, February 23, 2019. Deadline for applications is Saturday, March 30, 2019, or when all spaces are filled, whichever is first. We reserve the right to change space locations.

ELECTRICITY: If you need electricity, please indicate so on the application and be prepared to bring your own 12' or longer extension cord. There are a limited number of spaces with electric access, and there is an additional fee of $10.

REFUNDS: All space fees are not refundable. Please do not ask for a refund if you are a no show.

PAYMENT: We accept the following forms of payment: cash, check or money order (made payable to Informational Pathways, LLC), all major credit cards, and Paypal.

SET UP TIME: Set up begins at 7:30am, 90 minutes before the event starts. Please plan to be completely set up by the event start time 9:00am. Please do not arrive any earlier than 7:30am. Please bring a table covering as only tables will be provided. 2 chairs will be provided; if you need more chairs, please request them on the application.                                                                             
PARKING: Participant parking is allowed near the building only during unloading and loading. After unloading, please park away from the building.

TEAR DOWN TIME: Please be prepared to stay the entire time of the Expo. You will not be permitted to break down before the event end time. You are making the commitment to stay for the entire Expo, from 9:00am to 4:00pm, and we expect as much. If you leave early, you will not be invited to future Expos. We would also appreciate clean-up of your space before you leave.

FOOD:  Catered food will be available at nominal cost. Bottled water will also be available. Please feel free to bring your own lunch and snacks. We encourage participants to eat in the designated area away from your space.

PAYMENTS FOR READINGS, SERVICES, AND RETAIL SALES: Psychics, Energy Practitioners, and Merchandise Vendors are encouraged to post prices for services/products available, so there is no misunderstanding. It is suggested that you have the ability to accept credit cards. If you do not and are interested in information about doing so, please contact us before the Expo. All participants are requested to bring change for your customers as we will have limited cash on hand and cannot make change for you.

NOTE: It is the Vendor's responsibility to collect and submit the Arizona State sales tax collected.

PUBLICITY AND PROMOTION: We publicize all Informational Pathways, LLC events in the local newspapers and on social media. We post on Facebook, Meetup, and many more internet sites. We encourage you to also freely post on your own Facebook page and your other internet sites. You can print Expo flyers to hand out and to post. Encourage your friends and anyone you know to come for an entertaining, fun-filled, positive day. If we all work together promoting this event, we will bring in many attendees as well as potential clients for you.

HOLD HARMLESS AND RELEASE: In consideration of participation in any event presented by Informational Pathways, LLC, you, the participant hereby releases and forever discharges Madeline La Mont dba Informational Pathways, LLC and the Sun City Lodge No.72, its owner, its members and representatives, and their respective heirs, successors and assigns, from any and all actions, causes of action, suits, proceedings, debt, dues contracts, judgments, damages, claims, and or demands whatsoever in law or equity that the undersigned, its successors or assigns, ever had, now have, or may have in the future in connection with the your participation in any Informational Pathways, LLC event conducted on Lodge property. You agree to hold the Lodge and Madeline La Mont and Informational Pathways, LLC harmless.

Be sure that you understand and agree to abide by these Expo Participant Guidelines before signing your name on the Participant Application.

Madeline La Mont dba Informational Pathways, LLC
Office: The Place of Spiritual Wisdom, Sun City Professional Building, Suite 244,
Sun City, AZ 85351. 623-583-1330 or 623-335-5339.