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Informational Pathways, LLC.

Informational Pathways, LLC.

Informational Pathways, LLC is a business that brings together ideas, events, and products to make your life’s journey easier and better. We want to help by “bringing the pieces together,” and we hope to help you balance mind, body, and spirit.

We organize West Valley Intuitive Fairs where Psychics, Intuitives, Card Readers, Mystics, and Mediums are brought together in one place to provide services to interested members of the community. We assist Intuitives and Healing Arts Practitioners and others in starting their own businesses, from naming it and setting it up legally, to making websites, and engaging in social media and marketing. We retail skin care and beauty products and pet products that are safe and contain no harmful ingredients. We retail music CDs that provide relaxing, sound frequency healing. We provide personal Numerology readings and spiritual services to those who want profiles and insights.

If you are interested in anything that we do, we appreciate you. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Have a great day!

                                                                                       Madeline La Mont                                                                                                                    Founder/Owner of Informational Pathways, LLC 

Sun City Professional Building, Suite 244

12630 N. 103rd Avenue, Sun City, AZ 85351

(623) 583-1330, (623) 335-5339