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The Place of Spiritual Wisdom

Sunny Bottega

SUNNY BOTTEGA is an Empath, Channel, Clairaudient, Psychic, Tarot, Pendulum and Rune Card Reader for over 40 years and third generation Strega. Why wonder and worry..I can give you insight into what's really happening. My specialties are Love & Romance. I am accurate and I won't waste your time. I have been amazing my relatives and friends with my abilities for decades. Even skeptics are awestruck with what I can tell them. Try me and see...what I have done for myself and others..I can do for YOU!  I can give you the clarity for life's journeys. I am "the real deal"

Madeline LaMont

∙ Owner, Intuitive Numerologist

MADELINE LA MONT has been a Professional Numerologist and Spiritual Adviser for over 30 years. She is interested in spirituality, metaphysics, spiritualism, body energy healing, aromatherapy and essential oils, crystals and gemstones, herbs, Feng Shu, and natural wellness. In her spare time, she designs gemstone jewelry for Chakra and Energy Balancing. She is an advocate for a natural, chemical-free life style. Madeline is now sharing the new office with Alysia Thurston "Ancient Spiritual Wisdom", which is hosting the monthly West Valley Intuitive Fairs and other events.

Grace Ironside

​GRACE IRONSIDE is an Intuitive Animal Communicator. As an only child, animals were her first friends and she could communicate and understand the Animal Kingdom from her first memories. 
Today, her passion is to be the voice of animals who cannot speak for themselves. She can help those seeking closure from pets that have passed on.  She can also help resolve current pet behavioral problems. In addition, Grace can assist in finding lost furry friends. All Grace needs is a photo of a beloved pet, living or passed. She understands the pain of lost furry family members, and will work hard to help resolve problems; past and present.

Roxy M. Carter

​​The One and Only Roxy Carter, Master-Level International Psychic Specialist, Astro-Therapist, Medical Intuitive, Metaphysical Teacher, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Prophetic Greek Oracle has returned to the Valley after residing in Chicago for 11 years. Known as the “World’s Most Accurate Psychic Astrologer,” Roxie has appeared on TV and radio in New York, Chicago, Phoenix, and Prescott, has lectured at colleges, Barnes & Noble and other book stores, and has written newspaper columns. She is the real deal, being the third generation Psychic in a Christian family, realizing her Divine gifts at age 5 and being God’s messenger ever since.


Jaidee Bader

JAIDEE BADER owns a business called "Mystic Vision" which involves her areas of expertise: 

​•    Reiki Master
•    Chakra alignments
•    House blessing and cleansings
•    Tarot card readings
•    Palmistry (palm reading)
I have a deep love for the esoteric arts,and know that my life has changed for the better because of my involvement  in it. I also make and sell jewelry and artwork.

Cindy Pieczonka

​CINDY PIECZONKA is a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner and Life Coach and does Angel Therapy and Angel Readings / Messages. Her Healing services include Energy Body Balancing, Kinesiology, Reiki, Chakra Clearing, Access Consciousness / Running the Bars, Inner Child Work, and Guided Meditations. She facilitates many workshops and is the Author and Illustrator of a Children’s Book, entitled, “Call upon Your Angels”. Cindy does one on one, Phone, and Distant Healing Sessions and also does phone Angel Readings. Cindy’s mission is to help people work through their private battles on their Spiritual Path and Journey.

Charlotte Truesdale

​Some Facts about Charlotte:

​•    From Chicago, Illinois
•    Lives in Phoenix, Arizona
•    Studied at Glendale Community College
•    Retailer of Crystals and Gemstones
Charlotte is an expert at recognizing, working with and explaining the differences between hundreds of crystals and gemstones. She also does wire wrapping on the gemstones for all sorts of uses, such as necklaces. She does beautiful work, be sure to stop by and see her.

Doreen Darcey

DOREEN DARCEY has been an Astrologer & Intuitive for nearly 40 years, studying, utilizing and sharing astrology. Astrology has taught her about human characteristics and behavior to those of us seeking guidance, direction and a deeper understanding of ourselves. I’ve always been highly intuitive and empathic. I’ll soon be certified as a Compassion Key® practitioner.  Compassion Key® is a powerful technique with astounding results that addresses emotional wounds and clears karmic imprints left behind by them.

Charles Mahenski

Since childhood, Charles was curious about metaphysical subjects with most of his spiritual development coming from personal research. He has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in counseling psychology from New York State University and studied Handwriting Analysis (Graphoanalysis) with the International Graphoanalysis Society. He also worked as an Intuitive Astrologer and Psychic Entertainer in Las Vegas and California. He studied Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for many years, having been certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists since 1989. Charles specializes in helping people stop smoking and curb their anxiety.

Peggy Yost

PEGGY YOST is a Professional Astrologer, having studied many of the major works of Astrologers and Metaphysicians, both past and present. She spends her time doing astrological counseling, preparing natal charts and compatibility charts. She also reads Tarot Cards and creates Astrological jewelry. She is available for private readings as well as corporate parties, local fairs and events.

Laura Roybal

Laura received insights since she was a child and was drawn to Angel cards many years ago. She calls upon her spirit guides using the pendulum to find answers find answers to people's questions or concerns. Within the past, Laura felt more drawn and open to receiving messages and, with that, she opens herself to help others open their own hearts. Laura is an artist who channels divinely inspired pencil sketches of her readings and she is a regular at our Psychic Psaturday™ West Valley Intuitive Fairs, available for psychic readings.

Sandra Edwards

Sandra Edwards is a certified intuitive Hand Analyst.  She focuses on life purpose discovery and personality style rather than prediction of the future.  
Helping people through life transitions has been Sandra's focus and mission for more than 40 years, beginning with a 30 year career helping people through their divorce process, and now as a Hand Analyst with guidance based on the information in their own hands.