Sun City Professional Building, Suite 123

12630 N. 103rd Avenue, Sun City, AZ 85351

(623) 335-5339, (623) 583-1330


* Madonna Gamboa - Psychic Medium, Theta Healer

* Mary Ann Elliott - Reiki Master, Psychic Intuitive

* Nancy Little - Reiki Master

* Peggy Yost - Psychic Intuitive, Astrologer, Tarot Cards & Runes

* Deborah "Debbie" Scott - Psychic Medium, Tarot Cards, Clairvoyant

*Catherine Ohren-Greipp - Clinical Psychotherapist

*Alysia Thurston - Psychic Medium, Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Spiritual Teacher,

​                             Hypnotherapist


Sunny Bottega

SUNNY BOTTEGA is an Empath, Channel, Clairaudient, Psychic, Tarot, Pendulum and Rune Card Reader for over 40 years and third generation Strega. Why wonder and worry..I can give you insight into what's really happening. My specialties are Love & Romance. I am accurate and I won't waste your time. I have been amazing my relatives and friends with my abilities for decades. Even skeptics are awestruck with what I can tell them. Try me and see...what I have done for myself and others..I can do for YOU!  I can give you the clarity for life's journeys. I am "the real deal"

Michelle LaMont

Michelle is a Psychic Medium in training, she is also an Emplath. She works with the pendulum and tarot cards. Is taking the Reiki classes to become a Reiki Master. If you haven't noticed, she is the daughter of the owner, Madeline LaMont. Michelle also co-hosts the Psychic Psaturday™ Intuitive Fairs and the assists in the Psychic Gatherings.

Madeline LaMont

∙ Owner, Intuitive Numerologist

MADELINE LA MONT has been a Professional Numerologist and Spiritual Adviser for over 30 years. She is interested in spirituality, metaphysics, spiritualism, body energy healing, aromatherapy and essential oils, crystals and gemstones, herbs, Feng Shu, and natural wellness. In her spare time, she designs gemstone jewelry for Chakra and Energy Balancing. She is an advocate for a natural, chemical-free life style. Madeline is now sharing the new office with Alysia Thurston "Ancient Spiritual Wisdom", which is hosting the monthly Psychic Psaturday™ Intuitive Fairs and other events.

Wayne Henningsgaard

​WAYNE HENNINGSGAARD, Advanced Certified Rolfer, has been Rolfing for 27 years.   While he is still works with professional athletes and regular clients for improved alignment and functioning of the physical body, his focus has now expanded to working with the soul in the body.  This involves releasing the complex patterns restricting the facial system involving the nerves.  As these patterns are released the soul increases its light in the body. This opens awareness to a multitude of realms that are normally shut off from awareness.  Also, the soul can more easily achieve out of body experiences and will have an easier time at death separating from the body.   Basic Rolfing works to lessen the negative effects of poor posture that compromise the body in the gravity field. This is the force that holds all form together.  This Rolfing works to decrease the effect of negative energy which compromises the soul in the love field.  Love is the force that holds all souls together.

Sandy Henningsgaard

​A few years ago, Sandy and her husband came across the Lucia N°03 light machine. It is considered a “hypnagogic” light machine, as the brainwave state that many of the sessions encourages light travelers into includes an increase in the amplitude of alpha and theta waves. Hypnagogia is the state between wakefulness and sleep. It is a dreamy state that is known for creativity and lucid dreaming. Boynton (2001) found many positive correlations: “The data suggest that willful use of hypnagogia may indeed increase creativity and well-being. Participants reported increased personal creativity, stress reduction, heightened self-awareness, emotional equanimity, and improved work performance.

Laura Roybal

Laura received insights since she was a child and was drawn to Angel cards many years ago. She calls upon her spirit guides using the pendulum to find answers find answers to people's questions or concerns. Within the past, Laura felt more drawn and open to receiving messages and, with that, she opens herself to help others open their own hearts. Laura is an artist who channels divinely inspired pencil sketches of her readings and she is a regular at our Psychic Psaturday™ West Valley Intuitive Fairs, available for psychic readings.

The Place of Spiritual Wisdom

Jaidee Bader

JAIDEE BADER owns a business called "Mystic Vision" which involves her areas of expertise: 

​•    Reiki Master
•    Chakra alignments
•    House blessing and cleansings
•    Tarot card readings
•    Palmistry (palm reading)

•    Hypnosis
I have a deep love for the esoteric arts,and know that my life has changed for the better because of my involvement  in it. I also make and sell jewelry and artwork.