JAIDEE BADER has the following special gifts she loves to share with the community:

​     * Psychic Medium

     * Tarot Card Reader

     * Palm Reader

     * Pendulum

     * Reiki Master

​     * Chakra Alignments

     * Hypnosis

Jaidee also creates and sells art and jewelry, upon request. Jaidee will be teaching the following classes and events:

      * "Are You Psychic"

​      * Learn Your 7      

basic Chakras

     * Learn Your 12


​      * Reiki I, II, III

She will be in the office during the eed and on specified Saturdays, please check the calendar for her hours. Call (623) 335-8202 for appointment or walk-in's welcome.




 psychic medium, angel card reader, book club host

PSYCHIC MEDIUM, tarot cards, palm reader, pendulum



​​Madeline La Mont, an Intuitive Numerologist for over 30 years, continues to teach a series of workshops on the Basics of Numerology once a month. 

Numerology is based on the Science of Numbers and was popularized by the Greek mathematician, astrologer, numerologist, philosopher, musician and spiritual leader Pythagoras. The Western form of Numerology, the Pythagorian system, is among the most enduring and popular of all self-help methods ever created. According to Pythagoras, the entire destiny of a person would be decided primarily by the numbers involved in his date of birth and name. The instructor will discuss the relationship of numbers in our everyday lives and will show you how to determine your own personal profile based on Pythagorean Numerology.


Sun City Professional Building, Suite 123

12630 N. 103rd Avenue, Sun City, AZ 85351

(623) 335-5339, (623) 583-1330

The Place of Spiritual Wisdom

​​LAURA ROYBAL is a psychic medium and received insights since she was a child and was drawn to Angel cards many years ago. She calls upon her spirit guides using the pendulum to find answers to people's questions or concerns. Within the past, Laura felt more drawn and open to receiving messages and, with that, she opens herself to help others open their own hearts. Laura is an artist who channels divinely inspired pencil sketches of her readings and she is a regular at our Psychic Psaturday™ West Valley Intuitive Fairs, available for psychic readings.

Laura is our host of our West Valley Let's Get Meta-physical Book Club. The book club meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays and  Wednesdays of each month, please check the calendar of events for times.


No, we know how to spell. We just wanted to get your attention, and I think we did! Psychic Psaturdays are the West Valley Intuitive Fairs scheduled from 9am to 2pm on select Saturdays. These Fairs bring together holistic, alternative, metaphysical, intuitive, and healing-oriented practitioners in one place to share their gifts with community members. At any of our Fairs you may find Psychics, Mediums, Mystics, Intuitives, Tarot and Angel Card Readers, Palm readers, Astrologers, and more. Come join us and bring your friends to a day of fun and information. Admission is free. Most 15-minute mini sessions are $25 and 30-minute sessions are $45. Click the  button for the Attendee Form, print and bring the copy that will get emailed to you. If you are an interested practitioner or vendor, click on the "read more" button.



 pet PSYCHIC  MEDIUM & ANIMAL  CommunicatOR grace ironside

 GRACE IRONSIDE is a Pet Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator. As an only child, animals were her first friends and she could communicate and understand the Animal Kingdom from her first memories. 
Today, her passion is to be the voice of animals who cannot speak for themselves. She can help those seeking closure from pets that have passed on.  She can also help resolve current pet behavioral problems. In addition, Grace can assist in finding lost furry friends. All Grace needs is a photo of a beloved pet, living or passed. She understands the pain of lost furry family members, and will work hard to help resolve problems; past and present.
Grace teaches classes such as Learning to Balance Your Pets' Chakras, Pet Bereavement. She attends our monthly Pet Psyschic Psaturday events so come in and bring your picture (NOT your pet) and you can see what your loved furry family member is feeling and/or thinking.                      pookienana1@gmail.com